Terms & Conditions

1.      PARTIES

The present General Terms and Conditions are entered into by and between :

LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM : Refers to the company LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM, SASU with a capital of 10.000 €, registered with the Trade and Companies Register of BEAUVAIS under the number 808 601 702, and whose head office is located at 48 rue Laisement, 60940 ANGICOURT.


The RENTER, is the individual or legal entity that uses the rented equipment.

The two contracting parties are hereinafter referred to collectively as the PARTIES.


LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM is a company that offers baby equipment rental services.

The present rental contract defines the rental terms.


The SERVICE: refers to the baby equipment rental services provided by LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM

The EQUIPMENT: refers to the equipment provided to the RENTER. This equipment may include one or more items.

The ITEM(S): one or more ITEM(S) make up the EQUIPMENT.

DEADLINE: refers to the payment deadline for the service.


All items that constitute the rented EQUIPMENT are defined on the website at the moment of the reservation.

All photographs are for information purposes only, and shall neither engage the liability of LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM, nor invalidate an order that has been placed.


The dates of the rental period are defined on the website at the moment of the reservation.

For rent longer than three (3) month, after a commitment period of three (3) month, the rent is tacitly renewed and the RENTER can end the SERVICE at any time, with a minimum fifteen (15) days pre-course.

Any additional day will be charged at the price of the rent.


The EQUIPMENT is provided to the RENTER by LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM at a meeting time and location agreed upon by both PARTIES. EQUIPMENT is only provided to the RENTER after they have accepted the terms and conditions and have provided a security deposit, as defined in Article 6 of the present contract.

At the end of the rental period, all rented EQUIPMENT must be returned to LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM by the RENTER at a meeting time and location agreed upon by both PARTIES.

Specific information regarding the pickup and return of EQUIPMENT are defined on the website at the moment of the reservation or via email after the reservation.

If the RENTER will arrive more than fifteen (15) minutes later than the meeting time agreed upon by both PARTIES by e-mail, the RENTER must inform LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM of this at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the scheduled meeting.

If the RENTER does not do so, and is more than fifteen (15) minutes late for the scheduled meeting, the delivery/pick up or return of the equipment cannot be guaranteed. In this case, a new meeting must be scheduled, based on the availabilities of LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM.

This will result in an additional fee, which will be calculated as follows:

  • Twenty euros (20€) for pick up or return of equipment at one of the collection point proposed by LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM.
  • For all other delivery options, delivery fees will depend on the delivery address.

7.      PAYMENT

All fees to be paid by the RENTER are defined on the website at the moment of the reservation.

The payment is due in advance, at the moment of the reservation of the EQUIPMENT. The EQUIPMENT will be effectively reserved upon reception of the payment.

For rental period over three (3) month, payments are due each month on the anniversary date of the start of the rent, until the return of the EQUIPMENT. At the moment of the reservation, the RENTER shall pay the first month of the rent and delivery fees.


The RENTER must return all ITEMS in good working conditions, cleanliness conditions and general conditions at the end of the rental period.

The ITEMS must be returned folded and in the same bag or container as it was at the time of the pick up. Otherwise, a 15€ penalty can be charged to the RENTER.

If one or more ITEMS are broken or damaged during the SERVICE period, or if ITEMS are returned excessively dirty or worn at the end of the rental period, the RENTER will be responsible for the repair and cleaning costs required to return the ITEMS to good condition. These may include, but are not limited to: the cost of replacement parts, repair costs and related transport fees.

LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM reserves the right to assess and determine the condition of the EQUIPMENT. The RENTER will be informed of any cleaning or repair fees that will be billed to them and charged from the card used by the RENTER to make the payment on the website at the moment of the reservation.

If one or more ITEMS are lost or stolen, LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM will charge the RENTER to compensate the losses, based on the following table. If an ITEM is not listed on the table, the amount indicated on the website of the manufacturer of the ITEM will be charged by LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM.

Item Value charged to the RENTER if lost or stolen
Single stroller 350€
Double stroller 450€
Rain cover 30€
Sun protection 30€
Car seat / Cosy 150€
Travel crib 150€
Sleeping bag 50€
Scooter 75€
Carrycot 75€
Fixing Adaptors 30€
Stroller bag 30€



The RENTER agrees to use all ITEMS according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the instruction manuals of the ITEMS. The RENTER agrees to not use the ITEMS for any purpose other than the purposes for which they were designed.

LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM agrees to provide ITEMS that conform to national and EU safety standards, as certified by the SUPPLIERS of the ITEMS.


The RENTER is responsible for the PRODUCTS and for the correct use of the PRODUCTS.

When no sale has taken place, no legal guarantees of conformity or warranties against latent defects are applicable within the contractual relationship between the RENTER and LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM

As LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM is not a manufacturer within the meaning of articles 1386-1 et seq. of the Civil Code, they shall not be held responsible for any defective ITEMS.

LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM shall not be held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur during the use of the provided ITEMS. LOUETAPOUSSETTE.COM shall also not be held liable for any losses or damages to a third party resulting from the use of the provided ITEMS.


No other guidelines or documents shall generate obligations that have not been outlined in the present rental contract, unless they have been defined in a new agreement between the PARTIES.

The fact that one of the PARTIES has not required the application of any clause within the present rental contact, whether temporarily or permanently, shall in no case be considered a renunciation of that clause.

If a provision within the present rental contract should prove to be null in respect to any laws or regulations in effect, and/or by a court decision having the force of res judicada, it shall be deemed to be unwritten, but shall in no way affect the validity of all other clauses, which shall remain in full force and effect.

Any court proceedings related to the present contract must be brought before the Paris Commercial Court.

The present rental contract is subject to French law.