Have you considered renting a stroller for your travel to Paris?

Renting a stroller in Paris lets you travel light and makes preparing your trip easier, so you can focus on enjoying your stay in the French capital. Discover all our strollers available for rent.

Cybex - Eezy S Twist Plus

from birth to 17kg
from 45€ or 14€/month

Mountain Buggy - Nano

from birth to 20kg
from 34€ or 12€/month

Simple Parenting - Doona

from birth to 13kg
from 45€ or 19,50€/month

Phil & Teds - Mod

from birth to 4 years old
from 45€ or 19€/month

Mountain Buggy - Urban Jungle

from birth to 5 years old
from 48€ or 21€/month

Mountain Buggy - Sport

from birth to 5 years old
from 45€ or 19€/month

Why rent a stroller for your trip to Paris?

So you can travel light! Travelling with a baby or young child requires a great deal of planning. Renting a stroller for your trip simplifies these preparations, so you can simply enjoy your stay in Paris! All of the strollers that we offer for rent are clean, high-quality and enjoyable to use.
By renting, you avoid the risk of your stroller getting damaged in the cargo hold of the plane, or free up space in the trunk when travelling by car.
You’ll be sure to find a way to fill up all that extra luggage space!

How did we select the strollers that we offer for rent?

We have decided to focus on a premium offering, proposing high-quality models of each type of stroller. We base our selection on the following criteria:

  • All of the models that we offer are high-quality, easy to handle and simple to use.
  • One of the benefits of renting a stroller is being able to adjust the stroller as needed. For this reason, our selection is also modular.
  • As these are rental strollers, we choose models that can be cleaned easily, can stand up to intensive use, and are designed in a way that any parts that may wear out can be easily replaced.