Have you considered renting a double stroller for your family trip to Paris?

Ren&ng a double stroller for your twins, or for two children close in age, makes travelling around the French capital easier.

See all of our models available for rent.

Mountain Buggy - Duet

from birth to 4 years old
from 49€ or 24,50€/month

Baby Monsters - Easytwin

from birth to 4 years old
from 47€ or 22,50€/month

Phil & Teds - Sport (avec deuxième assise)

from birth to 5 years old
from 47€ or 21€/month

Why rent a double stroller for your trip to Paris?

So you can travel light! Travelling with a baby or young child requires a great deal of planning. Renting a stroller for your trip simplifies these preparations, so you can simply enjoy your stay in Paris! All of the strollers that we offer for rent are clean, high-quality and enjoyable to use.
By renting, you avoid the risk of your stroller getting damaged in the cargo hold of the plane, or free up space in the trunk when travelling by car.
You’ll be sure to find a way to fill up all that extra luggage space!

What is the best double stroller?

As with single strollers, there is no one best model of double stroller. The stroller that you choose will depend on various different factors, based on your individual needs:

  • Do you live in an apartment? You’ll need to take the stroller’s dimensions into account, both for storage as well as access (it needs to fit in the elevator and through the front door).
  • What surfaces will you be using the stroller on? This is important to consider when choosing the stroller’s wheel size and type. (Note: even when you are travelling with two newborns, the weight of your babies and the stroller adds up quickly. It’s important to make sure your wheels are high-quality and large enough. The larger the wheel, the more convenient the stroller will be to use. Larger wheels also offer a more comfortable ride for your babies, and can easily be used on more rugged terrain).
  • Do you frequently travel by car? Make sure that the stroller fits in the trunk, and that enough space is left for bags and other items.
  • Do you have twins or children that are close in age? They may have different needs, so different accessories may be required.
  • Will you be using the stroller with newborns? Some strollers can be used from birth, without additional accessories. With others, you’ll need to use a car seat, a carrycot, or possibly a cushioned liner.

All of these criteria can help you choose your category of double stroller or another type of stroller, as well as a specific model.

How did we select the strollers that we offer for rent?

Our rental strollers have been selected according to the following criteria:

  • Quality, comfort, and ease of handling and use
  • Modularity
  • Ease of cleaning and durability: As these are rental strollers, we choose models that can be cleaned easily, can stand up to intensive use, and that any parts that may wear out can be easily replaced.

What is the difference between the Easytwin (from the brand Baby Monsters) and the Duet (from the brand Mountain Buggy)?

These two models are very similar: both strollers have side-by-side seats, and can be used by newborns as well as young children up to age five. They are both relatively compact: the Duet is 63 cm wide and the Easytwin is 65 cm wide. Building accessibility standards in France require a minimum width of 90 cm for entryways in public places (such as elevators, supermarket checkout aisles, etc.) and 77 cm for doors inside apartments.
We have noticed two key differences between these models. The first is related to quality: the materials used to manufacture the Duet, as well as its finish, are of higher quality: it has an aluminium frame and thicker, sturdier fabrics. The second difference is the wheels: the Duet’s tires have an inner tube, while the Easytwin has rubber-covered wheels, which do not absorb vibrations quite as well.
We offer accessories for rent that are compatible with the Duet, a soft carrycot and a car seat, but we do not offer accessories for the Easytwin.